"I describe the services Social Haven provides as more than just “social media."

It is our company’s heartbeat. No one knows we are alive without it."


- Daniel R., Small Business Owner & Social Haven Client




For us, making the most of social media doesn't mean you have to do it ALL. We perform a thorough analysis of your company's current and past social media efforts, in addition to taking a close look at what your competitors are doing. All of this research informs a detailed social media strategy that we can implement and start managing right away. Find out more about our process for successful social media management in this blog

We pride ourselves on being able to become an integral part of your team and accurately represent your brand on social media. Though if you already have an in-house social media team, we offer staff training to ensure your team is effectively managing your social media efforts and having meaningful conversations with your current and future customers. 



One of the most effective ways of getting your message in front of your online audience is through content marketing. Creating and distributing relevant, professional content on a consistent basis is known to improve SEO, reach new customers and drive revenue. And the best part, we'll take care of it all for you. We have a team of top notch writers who develop fresh blog content and expert online marketers to push the content out to your audience.