1. You can schedule Facebook posts. 

Your Facebook posts can be scheduled ahead of time for specific dates and times. This is a real time saver when it comes to putting out new content. To schedule posts, click on the clock icon below the post box (see photo below for an example). You can schedule out your whole week of posts in just a few minutes. Though we must make an important point here...you still need to check in on Facebook every day. Real-time responses and engagement is the key to a successful Facebook page. We recommend scheduling your posts for the week on Mondays, then spend 15-20 minutes each day monitoring questions, comments and reaching out to like-minded individuals and companies. 

2. You can edit your Facebook posts after you've posted. 

Have you ever posted on Facebook only to realize you misspelled a word? You no longer need to delete and re-post! You can now edit your posts by clicking the small drop-down on the top right of every post box. Just click EDIT. Keep in mind that Facebook only allows you to edit the text that you inputted. You are not able to swap out photos, which is something we're hoping for soon. 

3. There are awesome Facebook reports & analytics. 

If you haven't already visited your Facebook INSIGHTS page, do it! It's pretty cool, and probably the most important step in building your Facebook audience. There is a lot of information there, so don't feel overwhelmed. You can find out tons of detail about your followers, when they're visiting your page, what they're engaging with and more. One of the data points that we like most is under POSTS. It's very interesting to compare your posts all in one place to see which ones are getting the most engagement. This information will inform what type of content you should post going forward. No more posting blindly and just keeping your fingers crossed! 

4. You can promote your Facebook posts, and it won't break the bank.

This is important to understand. Just because people "like" your company page, doesn't mean they will see your posts in their News Feed. Facebook serves up posts to individuals based on their known interests. So it's likely that most of your followers won't even see your posts. This is why it's important to invest advertising dollars in order to guarantee your posts are seen. To promote a post, simply click the PROMOTE link at the bottom right of your post box. You can really extend your reach by spending just $5 or $10. See the example below.

5. There is a new Facebook SAVE feature.

Now this is brand new, and very cool. Facebook has introduced a new SAVE feature that allows you to store links you find interesting and return to them later in a personal, private archive. No more emailing yourself photos, videos and links. This will allow your audience to save your content to come back to later, and is definitely beneficial to all Facebook users. Find out more about the Facebook SAVE feature here.

To learn more about Facebook and all it can offer your business, contact The Social Haven at nicole@thesocialhaven.com. 

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As business owners, your main goal is likely to bring in new and repeat business. This means you need to reach out to your customers (and potential customers) with your marketing message.

So how do you reach your customers and potential customers?

It's vital to understand where your customers and potential customers are spending their time. In this digital age, the easiest (and often cheapest) way to get your message in front of your audience is to put it online. Many businesses blast their message out as widely as possible, just hoping to get in front of their target market. Why not be more specific? It's important for you to understand the following:

AuthorNicole Reisberg