There are hundreds of marketing terms getting thrown around and new ones every day. Selfie, Meme, Gif, the list goes on and on. These terms are usually described using marketing jargon that can be extremely confusing.

Today, let's break down one of these terms simply...the "hashtag."

Think about what you last Googled. Maybe it was, "best Los Angeles date spot." What you saw next was a list of results. How does Google know which results to give you? There are many technical ways they decide, but one way that is useful to you is the hashtag. I'll bet that within your results was a piece of content that contained a hashtag similar to what you searched. For example, maybe someone tweeted that same day, "My wife and I loved our dinner at Gusto #LAdatespot." Since this person used a hashtag that was similar to what you typed into Google, it's likely this tweet will be one of your results.

AuthorNicole Reisberg
CategoriesSocial Media