Sunday’s Big Game was no slouch, but it was the commercials that stole the show. What was different this year? There was a consistent theme of doing good for others. This year’s ads put the “social” in Corporate Social Responsibility. Here’s what hit the mark, what didn’t, and how you should use the info to build your brand.


What Worked:

“Like a Girl” - Always

While the Always “Like a Girl” campaign has been out for some time, seeing it on the world’s biggest advertising stage signalled something important. Always has a bazillion dollars to spend on advertising, and they went with “Like a Girl.” Why? Because it was their best choice. They could have spent that money giving you subliminal messages about using their products. They could have spent it getting a celebrity. But out of all their options, “Like a Girl” was their best.

Takeaway: it worked. “Like a Girl” was the most talked about ad of the game (USAToday).

Your how-to: Find something that fits your mission. Always makes products exclusively for females, so it makes sense that their CSR campaign is targeted to the same audience. Always doesn’t sell feminine products, they sell confidence. What are you selling?