In order to help businesses across the country (and the world), we write a new blog every week. We like to focus on helping small business owners better understand the latest online marketing trends, and how to reach their potential online. Some of the blogs have gotten quite a bit of attention, so we wanted to share our 5 most popular blog posts. 

1.  5 Things You Need To Know About Facebook

Facebook is a complex and ever-evolving social media tool. As a business owner, you can reach great success on Facebook in expanding your audience, improving your brand presence, and even increasing your leads and sales. The challenge is keeping up with the changes and new functionality. We put together a list of 5 of the most important things that you, as a business owner, need to know about Facebook

2.  2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report: The Highlights

In May 2014, Social Media Examiner published the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. It's pretty darn long, 52 pages to be exact. So we thought we'd review the report and give you the highlights. In this blog is what we found to be most important takeaways that you should be thinking about when approaching your social media efforts in order to stay ahead of the game.

This study surveyed over 2800 marketers with the goal of understanding how they are using social media to grow and promote their businesses. 

3.  Our 6 Favorite Social Media Tools

One of the most important aspects of a social media strategy is the tools you're using to stay efficient. It seems that there are new tools coming out every week, so we wanted to share a list of our favorite social media tools. These are literally the 6 tools we use every day in order to make the most of our time managing social for ourselves and our clients.


4.  Using Google Analytics to Assess Online Marketing

There are many free tools available to help you make better marketing decisions. One of these tools is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed specifics about your website's traffic. 

We recently asked several business owners if they were using Google Analytics. The majority responded that they had set up Google Analytics but had not had the time to review the data. Others said that they didn't understand the data they were looking at, or were overwhelmed at the sheer amount of it. 

With this feedback, we decided to put together a quick-and-easy guide for using Google Analytics to track your online marketing efforts. We'll highlight the areas of the tool that we find most useful in assessing what's working and what's not. Knowing this data will allow you to make real-time adjustments to your strategy, which is vital to staying ahead of the game. 

5.  7 Easy Ways to Make your Facebook Page Stand Out

With so much noise on Facebook, sometimes it's the little things that can give your business page a competitive advantage. We put together a list of 7 simple steps you can take to make your Facebook page stand out among the rest.