With so much noise on Facebook, sometimes it's the little things that can give your business page a competitive advantage. We put together a list of 7 simple steps you can take to make your Facebook page stand out among the rest.

 1.  Add a Vanity (AKA Custom) URL 

Let's start with this question: Which do you think your audience will remember most?

This URL:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Social-Haven/857469375913?ref=ts


This URL:  https://www.facebook.com/thesocialhaven

Let's all agree that your audience will prefer the second option. When you set up your Facebook business page originally, Facebook assigns you a URL filled with random characters (like the first example above). If you haven't already, be sure to log in and create a custom URL for your business page. It will be easier for your audience to remember, which means improved brand awareness. Here are step-by-step instructions for setting up your very own vanity URL. 

*Hint: Vanity URLs aren't just available on Facebook. Here are instructions for setting them up on Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter


2.  Fill Out ALL Profile Fields

Seriously, don't leave anything blank unless it's completely unrelated to your business. The more content you offer on your Facebook profile, the better the chance you'll be able to answer whatever question your viewers have. Also, these fields are great spots to work in your company name and keywords in order to improve your SEO (search engine optimization). 


3.  Add The CTA Button 

In case you haven't noticed, Facebook recently rolled out a CTA (Call-to-action) button on business profiles. This button helps businesses drive their business and social media objectives by placing an important link at the forefront of your Facebook presence. Here is more info about the CTA button and how to get yours set up in just a couple easy steps. 

Here's a photo of the CTA button on our business Facebook page. 


4.  Refresh Your Header Photo Regularly

Most people only see your updates in their Newsfeed and never actually visit your profile. This small update will give people a reason to click on your profile and see all the great information you have to offer. Your audience will appreciate the extra effort you're putting in to make your page relevant. Some ideas for themed header photos are; New Year, company events, summer, holidays, company anniversary, and inspirational quotes. 


5.  Create Photo Albums

Many people just add photos to their timeline and forget about the Album feature. Create an album of photos from events or holiday parties, add an album filled with coupons. Heck, create a fun album where you share baby photos of all your employees. The ideas are endless and your audience is much more likely to scroll through an album than click on a single photo. 

Here's a couple examples of photo albums we've created for our clients.


6.  Don't Forget About Video

Creating great videos no longer requires thousands of dollars and hiring of a top-notch videographer.

Videos get more engagement on Facebook than any other type of post. (Tweet this!)

There are plenty of ways to capture quick, clever videos that your audience will love. Inside tip: Use your iPhone! The video quality is great and you can take quick, casual videos of staff at the office, customers enjoying the product or service, and lots more on the go. We also recommend downloading the Hyperlapse app and testing out time lapse videos. Time lapse is also available on newer iPhones, as is slow motion video!  Here is a bunch of info about uploading videos to your Facebook page. 

See below for a quick Hyperlapse video that I took at my home office -- it took just 3 minutes!


7.  Faces. Faces. Faces.

We can't say enough about how important it is to share photos of you, your staff and your customers (if they give consent). This simple step personalizes your brand and drives engagement. Spotlighting your employees also helps customers get to know them better and builds trust. If you start the trend of posting photos on your Facebook page, you'll spur on your audience to start posting their own photos using your product. 


AuthorNicole Reisberg