One of the most important steps in managing your company's social media presence is analyzing the results. After the analysis, adjustments should be made so you can continue to improve and reach more fans online. We often see business owners getting lost in the numbers--it can be easy to do! Below we've outlined 4 tips to expand your Facebook page reach using Facebook's analytics tool called Insights. You can find your page Insights by visiting your page, then clicking on the Insights tab along the top of your screen (between Activity and Settings).


1.  Time your posts when your fans are actually online.

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Once you're in Facebook Insights, click on the Posts tab. Here you will see a graph that shows you when your specific fans are online each day. Hover over each day of the week and take note of the busiest times each day. Here you have your schedule of posts for the week! Posting content when more fans are online gives your content a better chance of being seen and interacted with. See the example above for one of our clients. While timing is important, also be sure to give your fans a well-rounded mix of content. We talk about your content mix in this blog.

2.  Find out which kind of posts your audience loves, and give them more!

Visit Facebook Insights and click on the Posts tab. Scroll down so you can see your most recent posts. Then click on the word Reach which heads up one of the columns. You will see your posts re-order from most popular to least by how many people the post has reach. So, what you're looking at now are the posts that your audience loves the most. Do you notice any trends? In the example we've shared above, this audience definitely likes Throwback Thursday posts. Since we know this, we'll now post a Throwback Thursday each week (or as long as they spur great engagement). Trust us, your audience will appreciate this small step.


3. Get to know your audience.

Visit the People tab under Facebook Insights to learn about the demographics of your specific audience. What are their shared demographics? You want to be sure to post content that is relevant to who and where they are. The better you know them, the better content you'll be able to serve them and the more successful your social media pages will be. For example, the audience we've shared above is truly international. Since we know this, we stay away from from any country-specific holidays and focus more on worldwide holidays and events. 


4. Find out what's bringing people to your page.

Under Facebook Insights, go to the Visits tab. Here you'll see a chart showing when (and how many) people visited your Facebook page. Identify the spikes in activity. If a ton of people visited your Facebook page on November 11th (like in the example above), think about what happened that day. Did you post something that was extra popular? Did you send an email with a link back to the Facebook page? Figure out what went right on that day, and do more of whatever it was. 

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AuthorNicole Reisberg