When we develop social media strategies for our clients, one of the most important aspects is the content mix. When we say "content mix," we mean the different types of content that the company talks about each week on social media. Ultimately, we want to create a weekly mix of content that is interesting and exciting to our audience, which drives them to engage, yet also serves to promote the business and their expertise. We develop a client's content mix by first getting to know the target audience VERY well. The better you know the audience, the better content you can serve them. You also must understand the industry and obviously the client's business in order to decide what type of content will represent both of these entities in the best way. With this information gathered, we choose specific "content buckets" which gives us a guideline for creating each week's posts.

What we'll share with you today is a REAL content mix from one of our clients. We hope this will give you some realistic ideas to work from when improving your social content mix.

Social Content Mix Example.png

Above is the actual content mix for one of our clients (with the company name removed). As we mentioned above, we use this content mix as a guideline when planning the week's content. When you're given a guideline to work from, coming up with fresh and interesting content is exponentially easier. 

Some additional tips related to developing & implementing a content mix that works for your business:

  • Follow the 80/20 rule as much as possible. Your audience will quickly lose interest if you talk about your business too much. No one wants to follow a page that feels too "salesy." 80% of your content should be non-promotional content and should purely serve to entertain, educate and/or engage your audience. For the remaining 20%, talk yourself up, but do so in a way that stresses how your business will benefit your audiences' lives (not your pocketbook).
  • Implementing weekly themes into your content mix is a good thing. If done right, people will begin to be familiar with this specific type of content and grow to look forward to it. Here's a full blog on implementing regular themes and contests into your content mix. 
  • Customers don't want to connect with businesses on social media. They want to connect with PEOPLE. Be sure to mix in content that personalizes your brand. Include photos and videos of staff, the company's office, behind the scenes, events, holidays and more. 


We implemented the content mix above for our client 3 months ago. In that time, we have increased their follower count by 148%, increased their average engagement by 350%, and increased the number of website visits from social by over 1,000%. This type of improvement is the result of a great strategy implemented well and reviewed and improved in real-time. While improving your content mix is just one piece of the puzzle, we hope that this blog will help you to develop real relationships with your audience online, improving engagement and ultimately your bottom line. 


AuthorNicole Reisberg