1. Your Facebook Newsfeed Will Now Feature Trending Stories

With this new change, "when a friend or page you are connected to posts about something that is currently a hot topic of conversation on Facebook, that post is more likely to appear higher up in the newsfeed, so you can see it sooner." 

So, what does this mean for your business' facebook page? It means that you can take advantage by monitoring which topics are trending, then posting about them on Facebook. Your fans will be more likely to see your update about this trending topic over posts that are not related to trending news. An important note: Use hashtags! Hashtagging words related to the trending topic will help Facebook recognize the content. More about hashtags in this blog.


2. Facebook Pulls Personal Promoted Post Feature

If you're a business using Facebook, you should be paying to promote your company page posts. Since October 2012, individual users could also promote their posts. This feature was controversial because reports emerged that Facebook was deliberately decreasing the reach of the regular, non-promoted posts in order to force people into payment for the promoted post.

Needless to say, this update is beneficial to companies using Facebook and you won't have to compete with personal promoted posts to get your content seen.


3. Facebook Tailors Delivery of Ads Based on Feedback

Facebook allows you to hide content that you no longer want to see. To take it a step further, they ask you why you don't want to see the content. They use this information to decide whether they will show the ad to other users. Facebook will "pay more attention to feedback from people who don't often hide ads so that when they do give us feedback, we take it as a stronger signal."

Just another reason to make sure you're promoting content that is useful and relevant to your audience. If you're simply talking about how awesome your business is, it's probable that your post won't get a wide reach. Instead, talk about how your audiences' lives will benefit by using your product or service. 


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AuthorNicole Reisberg