One social media site is not like the other. They should all be treated and managed differently. This can be a time-consuming process, which is why it's important to share experiences - good and bad - in order to alleviate some of the confusion or frustration that can occur.

Twitter is a very unique social media site. There is so much opportunity just waiting to be tapped into. The trick is using it in the best way to seek out and attract that opportunity.

1.  When posting to Twitter, it's important to use hash tags the right way. 

We've all heard this one before. What we want to get across is HOW to use them. The best practice is to use 1 to 4 hash tags at a maximum. Too many hash tags can be extremely distracting to the reader.

Also, Twitter users prefer reading Tweets with the hash tags outside of the post text, so try to follow this guideline whenever possible. 


2. Mention and thank your customers and fans.

dale carnegie

In the book 'How to Win Friends and Influence People,' Dale Carnegie said, "Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language." This principle holds true today. On Twitter, people love to be mentioned and re-tweeted. You can make use of the well-known "Follow Friday" and mention some standout fans on that day. But we recommend taking it a step further and personalizing a few tweets to fans each week. This small gesture will go a long way. 





3.  Attach photos and videos whenever possible.

People tend to use images and videos in abundance on social sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. But they often forget that Twitter users love imagery as well. A Tweet that contains a high-quality graphic or short video will be viewed more than one without.

Don't believe us? Test it out for yourself. Which of the following do you find more appealing? 

We bet you picked the latter. 

twitter post
twitter post with photo

4. Place hash tags in your company description on your Twitter profile.

Most people completely miss this one. It's a simple, clear way to get your Twitter page found when people search the keyword you've hash tagged within your bio.

See the screenshot of our founder's profile for an example. When Twitter users search the term #socialmedia or #marketing, Nicole's profile will be considered as a possible result. 








5.  Tweet between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. EST, Monday through Thursday.

In general, these are the days and times that Twitter users are most active on the social media site. It's as simple as that!



6.  Create a follow list. 

The tweets in your home feed are probably on all different topics, which can be overwhelming. It's helpful to group your followers into lists by interest. This allows you to have a streamlined way of accessing only the type of information you want to see. To do this, create a follow list by clicking on your Profile, clicking "More," then clicking "Lists." Then, "Create a New List."

Type in a name for your list and a brief description. Set the privacy settings, save the list, and you’re done.

Add Twitter users to your list by clicking on the gear icon next to the Follow button on any user’s profile. You don’t have to be following the user to add them to a list.

Choose “Add or remove from lists…” and check the list you want. Done! You now have a curated group of Twitter users. Viewing each List will allow you to see a stream of Tweets from only the users on that list.


7.  Start using #Discover. 

You'll notice on the top bar of your Twitter page is a tab called "Discover." Clicking this gives you an algorithmically-curated list of tweets that you should see, but that don't appear in your regular Twitter feed. This is a great way to find new, trending content to share with your audience. Based on follows, mentions, interactions, favorites and retweets, #Discover gives you a list of the best of Twitter at that very moment. 


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