This time of year, your social followers are pretty distracted. They're thinking about what to cook for Thanksgiving dinner, they're planning a holiday getaway and they're getting a jump on Christmas shopping. You may notice that you're engagement scores are slowly dwindling. The key to keeping their attention is to adjust your social content strategy and give them the info they're already looking for. We wanted to give you some ready-to-go posts so that you can try to maintain your followers' attention during the holidays. We all know it isn't easy!

Here are 5 creative post ideas to keep your audience engaged during this distracting time of the year. 


1. Hold a contest!

If there's a time of year where people are strapped for cash, it's now, and everyone wants an extra gift card. Start a contest that's fun and easy to enter. Contests are a great way to drive engagement while also showing appreciation for your customers. Here are a couple recent examples.


2. Give them holiday-related tips.

You know this is what they're already thinking about, so help them out! Find some great articles on creative shopping tips, how to save money over the holidays or plan a holiday getaway. Your audience will appreciate that you took the time to give them content that they're interested in. Here's a simple example below.


3. Give them a break.

Everyone is stressed and trying to juggle a million things during the holidays. Give them a break by posting videos that will make them laugh. We like to share one per week. Here are a few funny videos that we really love.

"You poked by heart."

Cat realizes it has a face.

What our dogs do when we leave the house.

Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Prank


4. Help them help others.

This time of year is the time of giving. People are feeling generous and you can help them BE generous! Hold a fundraiser for an important cause. If possible, choose a local charity. People love to give back to their community. Find an example below.


5. Give them something for free!

Get on the generosity train yourselves. Your audience deserves appreciation which often takes the form of a gift. It doesn't have to be anything huge. You can give them a free drink with purchase. Or a free consultation. Even a free cookie! A little goes a long way. Here's a simple example below.


PS. While we have you, we wanted to remind you not to forget about your employees. We believe strongly in employee advocacy and showing appreciation for your staff. So, get them a holiday gift. Don't let this slip. We like to say, "Happy team, reach your dream." Kind of similar to "Happy wife, happy life." (Oh, and obviously don't forget a holiday gift for your wife).

AuthorNicole Reisberg